Brown Bag Leaf Garland

I wanted to tone down a faux maple leaf garland and thought mixing in some brown bag leaves would do the trick. With the addition of a natural branch and brown leaves this looks more realistic. If you are looking for a mindless and free craft here’s one to try. I had a stack of […]


Made my own {faux} leather wapped vases for fall after seeing one at Pottery Barn. . I did a search and they are offered from many home decor stores. I made mine for pennies using glassware from Good Will and left over vinyl leather fabric. If you want to make some go raid your kitchen […]

DIY Litter Box End Table

If you are a cat owner you know the struggle of where to put the litter box. If you have dogs and cats you know the struggle of dog trying to get in the litter box too! I searched marketplace for an end table or set of end tables with a door to contain the […]

Tomato Cage Ghost

Made a quick and easy light up ghost for Halloween and you can too. We don’t have a covered porch so my ghosts will stay indoors. You may not even need to go shopping. Look around for a tomato cage, some tape, a styrofoam ball/ball/pumpkin pail, a white sheet, Xmas lights, black construction paper or […]

DIY Weathered Wood

I recently gave my pantry a mini makeover. I took everything out… I used some left over peel and stick wall paper for a little panache. I put everything back in and decided the plain ole door didn’t match the fabulous insides. I wanted to add some charm and character to our kitchen vs the […]