Made my own {faux} leather wapped vases for fall after seeing one at Pottery Barn.


I did a search and they are offered from many home decor stores.

I made mine for pennies using glassware from Good Will and left over vinyl leather fabric.

If you want to make some go raid your kitchen cupboards or visit a Good Will near you. Here are some I found at our Good Will. I looked for shapes with flat sides for the leather.

I gave them a trip thru the dishwasher and they are good to go!

Besides some glassware you’ll need embroidery needle, embroidery floss and vinyl leather fabric.

If you don’t have any faux leather on hand stop by your local fabric store or you can order here from my affiliate link I used faux vinyl for a headboard, drawer pulls and pillows as well. Be sure to check other posts.

Measure around your vase.

Cut your strip as wide or narrow as you desire and to the exact length. Faux leather has a bit of stretch so you don’t want it too long. You can use a ruler and mark the back of the fabric then cut with scissors.

I used a rotary cutter and mat because the make sewing and working with fabric much easier. You don’t have to have them but if interested here are * affiliate links for the mat the rotary cutter

Push your needle thru keeping stitches as neat as you can with knots in the back. Slide over your glass and you are done.

I love these on our mantle as we transition to fall.

Hope this inspires you to make a few too!

Cheers- Kristen

* what’s an affiliate link? It just means that I am an Amazon affiliate and earn a small amount of commission if you order through the link. The price for the item is the exact same for you.

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