Brown Bag Leaf Garland

I wanted to tone down a faux maple leaf garland and thought mixing in some brown bag leaves would do the trick. With the addition of a natural branch and brown leaves this looks more realistic. If you are looking for a mindless and free craft here’s one to try. I had a stack of […]

Oven Cleaner as Furniture Stripper

I purchased 2 tables on Marketplace and wanted to strip the stain off. I’ve heard that Easy Off acts as a furniture stripper so I thought I’d give it a try. I purchased 2 fume free bottles to give it a whirl. I removed the drawer pulls except for the one that is stuck. I […]


Made my own {faux} leather wapped vases for fall after seeing one at Pottery Barn. . I did a search and they are offered from many home decor stores. I made mine for pennies using glassware from Good Will and left over vinyl leather fabric. If you want to make some go raid your kitchen […]

DIY Forcing Pinecones Open

Pinecones indoors equate to cooler weather. I love to use them as fillers in bowls or to make garlands. In this crazy economy who couldn’t use some FREE decor? Your first step is to gather some pinecones. Take a walk and collect more than you think you want. See how tightly closed they are?? Pull […]

DIY Basketweave Pillow Cover

I’m I love with this woven pillow for my living room. The color and texture are perfect for fall…which is just around the corner. I’ve been swooning over this woven pillow case at Pottery Barn. I could never justify paying $100+ for a pillow case…could I make a similar pillow case for peanuts? Probably! I […]