It’s no secret I love dogs over here. We currently have Greta our 7 year old deaf Dane, Barkley who is a 3 year old Dane and a 2 year old hound mix named Molly.

All 3 of the pups lounge on memory foam Pup Rugs. They are attractive, fluffy and fully washable. You can order a replacement cover if desired in other colors as well.

We drag them around the house so they can be near where we are working. The dogs literally stare at us at night until all of their rugs are in the living room so they can hang out with us. Treat your pup to a long lasting soft bed

I love to put bandanas on the pups. These are large enough to *barely* tie on the Danes and comfortably tie on our hound. Pack of 12 Summer Dog Bandanas at