I inherited a few boxes of cherry hardwood flooring. I was planning to use it in a basement bedroom to replace carpet. Wood isn’t the best choice over concrete so my plan was derailed.

I’ve been making my way repainting and making the bedrooms “ours” one by one. This bedroom hasn’t been painted or changed yet.

I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love. I wanted to use wood on the ceiling of the bedroom but there wasn’t enough .

I did have enough wood for an accent wall so I moved everything away from the wall and gathered supplies.

I got out a level, rubber mallet, Brad nailer/nails, painters tape, hammer and nail, measuring tape, miter saw, paper and pencil.

My first job was to find the studs. I measured 16” from the left corner and tapped a nail in a few places to the left and right of it until it STUCK. You know when you are in a stud and have to use the back of the hammer to remove it.

I stuck a piece of painters tape where I hit the studs- just about every 16 inches. I used my long level and held it vertically and drew a line from floor to ceiling so I knew where each stud was.

I’m not going to lie- these first few rows were tricky. Using full length planks allowed for great progress but they are heavy to hold…balance…try to tap into the tongue and groove and then pick up a Brad nailed with the other hand… all while on a ladder.

I did put a fresh blade on my mitersaw and cut pieces at the end of each row if none of the pieces fit.

The project went much faster once I didn’t need a ladder. The only thing that slowed me down was the battery for the Brad nailer (and I was starting to feel sore)

Took a shower and let the battery charge. I was able to finish except you see a 2” space at the bottom.

It’s not enough room for a plank. The wood is really hard so ripping some horizontally would be a bear. I may add a piece of white trim to look like the baseboard is beefed up instead.

Once the furniture was pushed back in place you can’t see the space at the bottom. I love how warm and cozy the bedroom looks now.

If you recall the inspiration photo had wood on the ceiling and black tree silhouettes on white. I assume theirs was wallpaper but I’m going to attempt hand painting my trees. Stay tuned for the next part of this bedroom spruce.

Don’t you love the wood on the wall? I’m so happy I found an alternative use for it!

Cheers- Kristen

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