Here are a few of my backyard and on-the-go outdoor favorites!

Loving this Beach Blanket which is “sand proof” or easy to whisk it off and the corners can be filled with sand to weigh it down.  The blanket is also great for picnics on the Blue Ridge Parkway or camping. Head to for yours!

The Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Folding Chair is so comforting! I love rocking in mine anywhere from sports fields to campfires to beaches. It has a little squeak 6 years later but that reminds me of an old front porch rocker and I love that. ( WD-40 would fix it but I like it) Grab yours at

Simply Southern Large Tote is so useful! It’s made of easy to clean Croc-like material.  It’s generous in size and very lightweight.  Think pool towels, beach towels, gardening supplies even groceries.  We have it in blue and use it all the time!!! Snag one at

We bought the Solo Stove Backyard Bundle last fall. It’s portable and smokeless making it easy to move and easy to use anywhere.  The kids like to roast marshmallows and hot dogs over it. Visit the stove at

Couldn’t go back to a traditional grill now that we have a Blackstone Flattop Grill. We cook everything from bacon and pancakes to stir fry to cheesesteaks on it. You could make every meal of the day on it! If you have been on the fence I say go for it at . There are so many accessories that you can add on over time as well.