Tomato Cage Ghost

Made a quick and easy light up ghost for Halloween and you can too. We don’t have a covered porch so my ghosts will stay indoors.

You may not even need to go shopping. Look around for a tomato cage, some tape, a styrofoam ball/ball/pumpkin pail, a white sheet, Xmas lights, black construction paper or a sharpie.

Grab a tomato cage. I had a bunch in the garden with half dead tomato plants in them. Perfect time to bring inside.

I wrapped some masking tape around the tops. This is optional depending what you are using for the head.

I placed a styrofoam ball on top. You can also use an upside down plastic pumpkin pail or rest a ball between the 3 legs.

Wrap the cage in Xmas lights, toss a sheet over it. I cut eyes from black construction paper and poked them in place with a straight pin. You could draw on the sheet with sharpie too. Lots of variations possible.

Super easy and fun. Our little granddaughter loves it and I can’t wait to make holidays magical for a little one again!!!

Happy spooky season -Kristen

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