DIY Pomanders

What the heck are pomanders you say? It’s the fancy French name for oranges pierced with cloves. “Pomander” derives from the French pomme d’ambre, meaning “apple of amber”. It refers to the round shape and they were thought to purify the air. Supplies are as simple as oranges and whole cloves. As the orange dries […]

DIY Tips for Christmas Tree Lights

Ahhh. Once your tree is up and fluffed you are ready for LIGHTS unless you are a lucky one that has a prelit that works! I feel like putting on lights takes me longer than assembly and fluffing combined! So….do you start top to bottom or bottom to top? Pretty sure there’s no right or […]

DIY Tips for a Fuller Artificial Christmas Tree

Dragged out our HUGE 12 foot artificial tree and assembled it over the weekend. It’s prelit days are over and I removed all the lights years ago. I honestly think we broke bulbs trying to stuff him in a Christmas tree bag and drag it to the garage for storage. We’ve had the tree for […]