Wine Cork Pumpkins

Decided to do a little Saturday night craft project with a “natural resource” over here.

Poured some wine, gathered my bowl of corks , glue gun and it was GO time.

If you want to call over a friend and make some wine cork pumpkins you need corks, glue gun, glue sticks, orange acrylic paint, paint brush, jute or cinnamon sticks (optional)

I just glued corks here and there until it took the shape of a pumpkin. It was kind of like playing with Lincoln logs as an adult but using corks and drinking.

For the stem I hot glued on a cinnamon stick. You could cut a cork in half or use a whole cork vertically then paint it to look like a stem or leave it natural. A stick from the yard would totally work too!

Next step is some orange paint on the tops of the corks. I mixed orange with some black and white for varied hues. Tied some jute around the stems and VOULA!

This was a super simple fall craft and I think they are pretty cute, don’t you?

Happy fall- Kristen

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