Fall Porch Styling

Fall is in the air and I’ve been layering seasonal decor on the front porch. Thought I’d share a few ideas for your entry way.

We have a small covered porch at our PA house. We had huge front porch in Florida to almost zero porch area in VA. This front porch area is somewhere in the middle and I was so excited to play around with ideas.


I have spruce trees in HEAVY urns from New Orleans. They are an evergreen and pretty low maintenance. I usually wrap them in white lights over the winter to make them more festive.


I have 2 apple harvest baskets filled with mums that I haven’t killed yet. You can find mums everywhere and I succumb to buying them every dang year and don’t even like them. I’ve had my harvest baskets forever but typically your craft stores sell them this time of year.

Affiliate link for a pack of 2 under $20 https://amzn.to/2RFwRLE

I took my 2nd crack at the fall entryway when I realized I could fit 2 narrow teak chairs on either size of the door. The symmetry makes me so happy!!!


I added pillows for some softness and now we can comfortably enjoy the porch. Adding buffalo check pillow covers will let you stretch the seasons into all the holidays.

Affiliate link for these exact pillow covers pack of 2 for under $10 https://amzn.to/2Em5rHW


These brooms were actually used in Japan and I brought them back with us. I’ve preserved them by only using them for fall decorations. Many places sell Cinnamon Brooms this time of year that would be similar.

Affiliate link for the Original Cinnamon Broom https://amzn.to/3iNdYCu


I am not in love with the carriage lighting that came with the house so I plunked a pair of magnolia wreaths over them. I can live with the lights a bit longer (we JUST finished replacing all exterior lighting of the VA house right before we moved and I’m not ready to start it all over). Link for magnolia wreaths https://www.kirklands.com/product/Home-Decor-Pillows/Floral-Trees/Wreaths/Magnolia-Leaf-Wreath-24-in/pc/2284/c/2297/sc/2357/207677.uts

The wreath one on the door is made from coffee filters! I put it there until I found a fall wreath that I liked. I made it and you can too- here’s the blog link for that project http://laureldanedesigns.com/2018/03/24/coffee-filter-wreath/


Adding real or faux pumpkins makes the fall porch so festive. Both are easy to find at all the craft stores and hardware stores.

I placed a large pumpkin in an olive basket and balanced it by adding a lantern on the other side of the door to keep the symmetrical goodness going.


I wanted to extend my porch as much as I could and really maximize the space. I layered 3 rugs adding lots of pattern, texture and color.

Black and white rug is from Ballard, orange rug is from Home Goods and the fall door mat is from Aldi.

Have fun layering it up for the seasons!!! I’m sure I’ll be adding MORE pumpkins as we roll into October but overall I’m pretty happy with my festive front porch.

Happy Fall Y’all!


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