Kids Playroom + Cyber School Area

I’m working on a playroom/cyber school space for 2 adorable boys that are 7 and 9. They are outgrowing many of their toys like the play kitchen and it’s time for a purge to make room for a space that can take them into their teens. This darling little desk is taking a trip to […]

Pantry Organization- Step 1

While purging and organizing a client’s kitchen recently the pantry was not to be overlooked. If you are lucky enough to have a pantry this is prime real estate and you want to use it wisely. My first crack at the space was just sorting and finding themes. Relocate items so the like items are […]

Kitchen Organization- Step 3

At this point the kitchen contents are thinned down to what you actually need and use. The contents have been sorted into themes and like items are stored together. Now comes the fun part….SHOPPING AND STAGING. It’s time to add some baskets, bins, lazy susans and LABELS. Make your kitchen, pantry or storage areas pretty […]

Kitchen Organization- Step 2

Once you’ve thinned out the contents of the kitchen it’s time to regroup into THEMES. Sort like items into a category and store them together. Pots and pans live together, cookie sheets under the oven/in the broiler, muffin pans and such all go in one place. Often items get spread out into multiple places. Examples […]

Pantry Labels

I recently turned our hall coat closet into a walk in pantry. I used Ikea shelving to maximize the space. For more details on the converting the closet into a pantry click here I used thrifted wicker baskets from Good Will and all around the house to contain boxes. Using similar styles makes it […]