Small Pantry Solutions

Our new home in Virginia has a much smaller pantry than we are accustomed to. It took some trial and error to maximize the space.

Sharing all the ideas and products used for anyone facing small pantry challenges.

Typically I like to use baskets for like items. My shelves aren’t very deep and the space isn’t very wide. Baskets helped it look less cluttered but wasn’t ideal for maximizing the space.

I measured my shelves and decided to order medium and small sized air tight storage containers for the pantry.

I took everything out of original boxes and poured items into the containers. The containers come with stickers but since they are clear you can tell what is in them. I will wash and reuse with rotating cereals and snacks so I didn’t use the labels.

I use 2 options for canned items. I have tiered rack.

I also use an under mount rack for canned goods and sauces. The basket has trash bags and remaining open dry goods that didn’t fit in the containers for refilling.

I love that I can fit so much more in the pantry. All containers are the same so it looks organized and calming.

If you would like info on the containers I’ve used here are my amazon affiliate links-

12 tall medium size air tight stackable storage containers with labels. I’m using ours for cereal, pasta, flour, sugar, rice and such.

12 small stackable air tight storage containers with labels.

My wall or door mounted spice rack is a lifesaver. Everything vertically mounted saves space, is easy to find and identify any that need refilled.

My affiliate link for the Door/wall-mounted spice rack with 24 jars and labels is

Below my spices I decided to maximize the rest of the vertical door space. I found adhesive/screw mounted clear containers and attached them.

I have 2 per size on the door and am thrilled to maximize an unused space so well.

2 Small 6” self adhesive pantry storage container. I used these for spice packets and mixes- could work for popcorn packets, granola bars, trail mixes etc. My amazon affiliate link is

2 Large 16 “ clear container screw mounted pantry storage for foil, plastic wrap, cleaning products etc. My amazon affiliate link for these is

After I was done organizing everything I decided to add a strip of washi tape the shelf edges for some pattern and color.

While my pantry is small I am able to fit so much more inside it!

I hope these ideas are helpful and spark ideas for maximizing a small pantry space like ours.

All the best- Kristen

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