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Organizing my spices has been a trouble area of mine for some time. I’ve tried many options over the years such as placing spices in a drawer, on risers or lazy Susan’s. None seemed to maximize space or remain near and orderly.

Single and double decker lazy Susan’s have worked the best for me as far as accessing spices. I just didn’t love how it looked and it wasn’t the most functional system.

I started staring at the back of the cabinet door and it hit. Mounting spices to the door would be GENIUS and knew someone had to have thought of this before.

I discovered a new spice organization system online that saves space and is a whole lot more visually appealing. It comes with 24 glass jars, 4 wire spice holders plus labels.

I really loved that I could customize how and where I hung my spices since the racks are totally separate. The racks fit inside the cabinet door taking up zero precious cabinet space.

I emptied my cabinet and discovered I had multiples of the same spices. We have young adults in our family who have had their own spice collection. We have merged our inventory resulting in waaaaay too many in there.

Once I paired up any doubles I alphabetized my spices to see which 24 I wanted to use.

TIP I put the preprinted labels on the *lower* part of the bottles and began filling. Placing the label low means you can see it clearly in the rack.

TIP The box came with a red silicone funnel to fill jars. I used it initially but cinnamon stuck to the inside so I recommend pouring powdery spices last. I simply did my best to pour from

I simply poured from the original containers into the jars over the trash can. By the time I filled all the bottles my recycling/trash was full.

I love the uniform glass bottles and label system. The spices are categorized alphabetically and I found one that works for every spice. I did not fill jars with the contents of rarely used mini spices like pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg or dill weed.

When I was ready to hang the racks I emptied the provided hardware bags. The shorter wood screws were best for mounting them to the door.

TIP in order to minimize holes and verify that the door would close I used packing tape to hang the wire shelves temporarily. I was able to adjust the racks above or below the shelves inside roughly 10 inches apart. I simply used my drill to screw them in place then removed the tape. Worked perfectly!!!

In short a door mounted spice rack was EXACTLY what we needed. Spices are all uniform in size and labeled. I can easily located them and know when to restock.

How do I reach the spices at the top you ask??? I use a small step ladder. I always keep a small stepladder in my kitchen because I’m on the shorter side and can’t reach anything in the upper cabinets.

By mounting them on the door my cabinet space was regained for other items. It is a true kitchen miracle!!!!

If you want to free up your cabinet space and organize your spices this is my sponsored link for the product-

4 Spice Racks with 24 Glass Spice Jar & 2 Types of Printed Spice Labels by Talented Kitchen. Complete Set: 4 Wall Mount Stainless Steel Racks, 24 Square Empty Glass Jars 4oz, Chalkboard & Clear Label https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KPKQ4BQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_NevHFbK3QNHRX

An organized life is a beautiful life! Off to find new solutions to old problems.


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