Moving Supplies

Getting ready to move? I just stocked up on moving supplies and am packing away. Sharing a few tips and ideas below… I purchased boxes, packing paper, fresh black Sharpies, a few rolls of packing tape, labels as wells as Ziplocks – assorted sizes. As far as box styles I bought as I went along […]

Household Goods- transportation options

Post corona virus it’s tough to get a moving company. Summers are peak moving season anyway so trying to move this summer is trickier than ever!!! I researched a few options to get your household goods from A to B and will share them below: Moving company– get a free quote for everything. We had […]

How To Sell Your House

We’ve just settled in to our new home in Pennsylvania. This was our 10th move – I have what I would consider more than the average persons experience moving. With my business experience I’ve staged homes to sell as well. I thought I would share a few tips from my collective experience. How to sell […]