How To Sell Your House

We’ve just settled in to our new home in Pennsylvania. This was our 10th move – I have what I would consider more than the average persons experience moving.

With my business experience I’ve staged homes to sell as well. I thought I would share a few tips from my collective experience.

How to sell a house.

1. Purge like crazy. If you aren’t using it, the kids grew out of it, it won’t fit in the new house …this is the time to trash, donate or sell.

2. Neutralize your wall colors. If you’ve painted the walls or haven’t repainted in years some fresh paint goes a long, long way. Whites, grays and greige are classic neutrals.

3. Call in the handyman for a punch list before listing. What I’m saying here is if it’s broke- fix it. If you have cosmetic or serious issues fix them now. It will show better with fresh paint and any glaring repairs repaired. {You will get another repair list later post inspection.}

4. Professional grout and carpet cleaning. If you have carpet now is the time to get the carpets cleaned and any grout. You want to polish up your house and put your best foot forward.

5. Deep clean prior to showings by a cleaning company. Send in the swat team. When we list a house I have it deep cleaned then set them for once a week. I’ve sold before we needed a follow up cleaning.

6. Remove photographs and all personal items. The idea of the showing is for potential buyers to picture themselves living there. Take away personal photos and mementos. Think of it as a hotel or vacation house. If it wouldn’t be in those spaces take it away.

7. Remove all clutter and excess furniture. We already talked about purging in #1. Assuming things made the cut and you really want them if it’s looking cluttered stow it away. Rent a storage unit or neatly arrange in garage. You want your rooms to appear as large as possible and rooms with excess look overly crowded thus smaller.

8. Stage. Make your home as spacious and neutral as you can. I typically purchase some fresh hand towels (not really to be used), soaps in a pretty jar for the bathroom, fresh tea towels etc

9. Best for last….PRAY. A. Lot. This step is most important.

  1. List and relax. Leave town if you can! While everything is fresh and clean go take a break from all the hard work. The way the market is now it will be sold before you come back and you won’t have to deal with the frenzy of showings. It worked for us twice.

Best of luck- Kristen

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