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Getting ready to move? I just stocked up on moving supplies and am packing away. Sharing a few tips and ideas below…

I purchased boxes, packing paper, fresh black Sharpies, a few rolls of packing tape, labels as wells as Ziplocks – assorted sizes.

As far as box styles I bought as I went along making multiple trips. I don’t want to buy a bunch of sides that I didn’t need or use.

Box prices at Lowe’s and Home Depot are similar. We bought boxes at both and also used our military discount.

Small 16x12x13 $0.88

Medium 18x18x16 $1.47

Large 24x18x18 $1.78

I chose to use mostly medium boxes because I feel like they don’t get too heavy and can contain a reasonable amount per category. I wanted to use the most comfortable size plus Atlas estimated we may need 75 medium boxes.

I’m also using up totes from the past and don’t really care if they break. I’ll tape them well once I’m done adding to them so nothing falls out.

Dish packs and speciality boxes are more expensive but necessary. I used heavy duty boxes for those with dividers and bubble wrap sleeves.

Another option- check around for free boxes. We had new neighbors moving in that offered up their paper and boxes before recycle day.

Pack things in things to maximize use of boxes and use cloth napkins, dish towels, towels, blankets and even pillows as packing material.

I actually loved packing our house up because I know what’s in every box and labeled as such! I purged, donated and trashed every step of the way too.

Happy packing- Kristen

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