Post corona virus it’s tough to get a moving company. Summers are peak moving season anyway so trying to move this summer is trickier than ever!!!

I researched a few options to get your household goods from A to B and will share them below:

Moving company– get a free quote for everything. We had our best move in history with Atlas so I contacted them for a quote. we had them price out the red carpet move we are used to but are paying for ourselves this time.

Self Pack/Hire Moving Co– pack your own boxes and hire a mover to actually load the truck, transport, deliver, unload, and set up beds. Chose the services you want. You can use local packers, local movers or major moving lines

Upack -They offer USAA, military, AAA discounts

  • It’s a flat fee per feet of trailer space
  • they drive and deliver when you are ready for
  • Up to 30 days free storage

PODS or uhaul pods

  • pods can be a great cost saving alternative to either driving a uhaul yourself or hiring a moving company.
  • pack everything yourself.
  • They usually deliver 3-5 days after pickup which gives you time to travel

Ultimately I am the kind of girl who packs for the packers and cleans for the cleaners.

I typically stage everything in the rooms I want it to come out in and label the crap out of everything in the house. I typically put everything that could fit in any size baggie in a bag that is sharpened and labeled so small objects aren’t lost in the move.

I sort of lose my mind when we are moving because of the loss of control of every single thing we own.

This time for a move number 11 we decided to pack ourselves. I had already decided I wanted to do that as this is supposed to be our last and final move of our life. I want to look everything in the eye and make sure I want to take it with us. Packing for myself means I get to label it the way I want and sort things the way I want. It’s an OCD dream and it’s saving us almost $7000!!!

We are going to use Atlas for everything except for packing.

I will share packing tips in another blog post but I hope this is helpful if you are in the process of trying to decide how you plan to move everything from A to B.

Best of luck- Kristen

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