Today I’m sharing progress upstairs in the kids bathroom which has a very usual layout.  It’s kind of a jack-n-jill without the bedrooms.  Does that make any sense at all???  One door comes off the hall into a sinks only area then another door leads to a hall down to the bathroom. As I said […]

DIY Painted Desk Refresh

We recently moved into a new home in Virginia that had a lot of oak going on. HAD.  I’ve been systematically painting over the oak in efforts to update and make peace with some of the built-ins.  I probably would have plucked this desk right out of the room but the carpeting goes up to […]

DIY Weathered Wood Shiplap

When you think of shiplap you probably envision white planked walls and the hostess of Fixer Upper. The wood planks add texture and interest to your walls plus that farmhouse style so many people are after. In our guest bath I decided to use leftover faux shiplap boards to plank a plain wall. Why do […]