Today I’m sharing progress upstairs in the kids bathroom which has a very usual layout.  It’s kind of a jack-n-jill without the bedrooms.  Does that make any sense at all???  One door comes off the hall into a sinks only area then another door leads to a hall down to the bathroom. As I said it’s unusual. It wasn’t a deal breaker…but it was a head scratcher!

The sink area had 2 doors which never needed to close. It’s basically a tooth brushing station so the doors are gone. Took ’em off the hinges and carried them 2 flights down to the basement early on after we moved in. Just way too many doors going on.

I painted the shower/bathroom area down the hall first. It had brass towel holders and tp holders which I removed in the process and updated. It’s small, functional and fine.

Here are the pickled pink wood vanities in the sink area before I painted them. I painted them Charcoal and am perfectly happy with them now. Bye bye pickled pink. It has been abolished everywhere in the house now! Thank the Lord.

The cabinets look SO much better black!!!! Anyway, the walls needed fresh paint and I coated it in Decorator’s White.  The black and white neutral theme is running strong in my current home.

Removed 2 sets of brass towel holders for the wall and did not replace them. Clean slate. Decided to create an accent wall by using painters tape to measure out a buffalo check. The wall came out better than I could have imagined.  Frog tape is amazing and I highly recommend it. There’s another blog in the archives with the steps for the Buffalo Check Accent Wall.


✅painted shower area MOONSHINE

✅Paint and seal cabinets

✅new cabinet hardware

✅paint overall walls DECORATOR’s WHITE

✅Buffalo check accent wall ASHLAND SLATE, WINTER SOLSTICE

-Update faucets

Wanted something simple and circular to balance the checks. I did a little antiquing and found these old wine barrel bands.  Hung them up and I love ’em.

Someday I’ll replace the 2 faucets. They are original, dated Moen and working perfectly fine. So it’s a want not a need, ya know? This is a regular parent/child conversation defining the difference around here so I must practice what I preach!!!

This plain wall turned out to be quite a focal point upstairs and is surprise favorite of mine!

Hope you enjoyed the thought process and updates on the kids bathroom. I also hope it sparks some creative ideas for you to use in your home too!

Happy decorating~


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