Natural Tree Trunk Side Table

I’ve been wanting a side table made from a tree stump for quite some time. I love to use natural elements in home decor. Since we needed an end table this was a prime opportunity for a project.

One of our neighbors cut down a tree and I asked if I could take a log. This one was quite large and HEAVY. My son put it in the Jeep for me and we brought it home.

I wanted to make it into a side table after being inspired by a natural wood stump side table on West Elm for $299.

Serena and Lily feature a stump side table that isn’t natural wood but looks like bleached wood for $998.

I found another source using actual wood but OUCH at $499.

I figured with some elbow grease and patience I could make one….for free.

I scavenged a stump and brought it in the garage. You will want your log out of the elements to begin drying out. A drier log is lighter.

Using a crow bar and painters tool I chipped off the bark. It’s easiest to start at the top then wedge your tool as far down as you can to pry off the strip of bark. Let gravity be your friend.

The thick outer layer of bark came off with minimal effort. I let it dry for a few days before proceeding to work on it.

My stump spend the winter months drying out in the garage. I found a flat sliding dolly to put it on so I could roll out to work on it in the driveway.

Once the bark layers were all stripped and sanded it became very smooth.

I sprayed the wood with straight bleach to lighten the wood even further and let it air dry.

Found some feet at Ace that you drill and tap in then can level it out as needed.

She was level and ready to come inside!!!


I have a natural, sustainable, non toxic, carbon negative side table that I’m proud to say I made.

Hope you enjoyed this post and may be inspired to create your own~ Kristen

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