Laundry Room Refresh

Our laundry area when we moved in had lots of storage but was pretty plain. It was the first room I tweaked and had very simple solutions to make it more appealing.


Before we moved I built sliding doors praying the measurements were correct. I removed the door and verified that the sliding doors fit.


Decided to add peel and stick wall paper to one wall to brighten things up and painted the other walls Repose Gray.

Got the doors installed and I was soooo happy ….until the dryer broke. Those machines were original to this house and built in so this was a problem.

Good news was that we brought our own machines with us so we figured we could switch them out.

The bad news was my washing machine is a toploader and could not be opened to use under those cabinets.

We couldn’t dry any clothes for a week and hung things to line dry clothes on hangers from a sports canopy out back. Classy, right?


Only solution we could come up with was the remove the cabinets above the machines. I repurposed them and hung them in our garage as storage. Problem solved, right?



Our set was wider than all the built in fancy built ins and granite would allow. We bought an angle grinder to cut and remove a section of granite so the machines would fit. *must give props to a friend who knew how to cut marble as I have no business trying that *


While the back wall was exposed between swapping out machines I patched and painted. I painted the wall Repose Gray like the rest of the room.

Then I decided that wasn’t enough contrast so I painted it again. Now the back wall is Iron Ore which ties into the wallpaper.


The hose connections are quite high on the wall. They were previously hidden by a cabinet and the prior washer was on a pedestal.

I was a little wacko over seeing the hoses so I plunked a canvas in front of them. Out of sight out of mind !!!


Thought about the hoses and decided to try hiding them using my grandmothers laundry basket. It makes me happy to have it on display think of our grandparents when I am doing laundry. Nailed up a bunch of other baskets to fill the space. I’m not sure I love this solution either but it’s what I’m going with for now .

All that occurred in under a month but everything works so that’s a blessing!!! I’m planning to paint the cabinets in there eventually but other rooms need attention first. I’m just glad it’s done for now!

Hope you found some ideas and inspiration from all these trials and tribulations – Kristen

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