Pantry Makeover (closet turned walk in pantry)

We lacked a walk in pantry in our new Pennsylvania house. Technically the kitchen has a pantry area but it’s deep cabinetry and we couldn’t find ANYTHING.


Case in point here! We didn’t even live in this house for 2 weeks before I did this project. I 100% could not live like this for another day.

Luckily we have a coat closet with double doors here on the right just off the kitchen. I decided to convert it to a walk in pantry space.

I removed an existing wire rack to clear the space and puttied.

FYI ~ The closet maid clips looked like you would use a flat head screw driver to back them out but not so! You actually get behind it with the screw driver and pop them out from the front.

I painted the inside white and used some left over wallpaper from the laundry room project to peak through my shelving. I used paper from amazon and here’s my affiliate link

Bought a cabinet at IKEA and assembled it. Guess what? I couldn’t fit it inside the closet. I knew it was supposed to fit but I didn’t calculate that the width of the opening would not allow me to push it in. And believe me I tried.

After some cursing and thinking I took it apart and rebuilt it inside the closet. There’s only 2” to spare in width so this was assembly born of pure will and spirit.

Ikea shelving that I used

Filled it using baskets from our VA pantry and a few gray felt baskets from IKEA. Ikea baskets /


Later I added. Second set of shelves for floor to almost ceiling storage!

Now we have a cute walk in pantry and reused the small pantry area area in the kitchen for baking supplies, sauces etc

If you are missing a space in your house think about repurposing another area to meet your needs!

Happy organizing- Kristen

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