Come along and follow DIY adventures and tutorials.  I hope to inspire and enable homeowners like you to make your house a home you love to live in.  You will find past and present home projects with information to empower you to with tips, sources, do’s and don’ts for projects that I’ve done (and you can too).

LAUREL shows the beauty you find in nature, your roots and all other things.  The mountain Laurel is the state flower of Pennsylvania as well as the street name of  my childhood home. 

The state dog of Pennsylvania is the Great DANE. We have 2 beautiful Great Danes in our home.  Like the Dane…my designs & concepts are larger than others!  

My vision is to create DESIGNS for homes to be purposeful, creative and individualized  to suit our lifestyle.  I’d love to customize your home to meet the needs of your family. 

I’m available hourly to redesign, paint, redecorate or organize your personal space in the Pittsburgh area. Services menu coming soon and I’m now scheduling for October 2020.

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Cheers- Kristen

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  1. Congratulations, Kristen! I’m so happy to see you have started a blog. I always thought this is what you should be doing. You are so talented. I had a blog for years to journal Lucey’s adoption. I started this one a few months ago but it’s quite boring. I’m looking forward to following along on your blog! We passed the sign to your town on our way home from Liberty yesterday. 🙂 Hugs to all.


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