Ending the binder series with the Queen Mother of all Binders. This one is filled with irreplaceable documents and lives in a fireproof safe. By the way, when we move ALL of my binders come with me not with the movers. They are all important but this one is the most important. I suppose you […]


Today I’m sharing our HOLIDAY BINDER. This is an odd title and maybe you can suggest a new name after I divulge the contents. After all…the only thing I need to do is reprint a label. This binder has pretty simple contents. It is a chronological history of our family. Inside I have a copy […]

ORGANIZATION-Thematic Binder System

Let’s get something straight from the start…I am a Type A girl and I love organization. I especially love my old school paper planner, page protectors, 1″ 3 ring binders, my label maker, colorful tabs and sharpies. Maybe the binder is my love language. I have joked for years that if anything happens to me […]