Ending the binder series with the Queen Mother of all Binders. This one is filled with irreplaceable documents and lives in a fireproof safe. By the way, when we move ALL of my binders come with me not with the movers. They are all important but this one is the most important.

I suppose you could replace the FAMILY DOCUMENTS but the amount of hoops you would have to jump through would be exhausting. Just protect the papers to be safe!

Inside this binder:

-marriage certificate

-birth certificates

-car titles

-prepaid college plans

-GI bill benefits

-military documents such as the DD214

-social security cards

-power of attorneys



If you don’t already have a fireproof safe I highly recommend getting one. If it’s not large enough for a binder just make sure to gather the most important documents and stuff ’em in there. We bought 3 small fireproof boxes -each one bigger than the last- before investing in a large safe. As you can tell we are cautious people!

That’s all folks. I’ve shared all of my binders and hope it’s inspiring you to get your documents in order. Once you create the binders it’s super easy to find what you need and simple to maintain.

Happy organizing ~Kristen

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