This is our fireplace AFTER I added only one thing to it……joint compound.

Our fireplace began the original brick color as they all do. This is in our basement and I am in the process of painting and brightening the space up.

To prepare I simply vacuumed the hearth and wiped down the mantle.

I bought a small tub of joint compound and got out a putty knife. Here is my Amazon affiliate link for the joint compound that I used {If you purchase through my link I receive a small commission.} You can also find this at any hardware store.

I used a *flexible* putty knife which worked best for me. You can find these at any hardware store or here’s my affiliate link for one

All of the work was done in the evening and the lightly wasn’t fabulous but you will get the idea!

I put the compound on by scraping it from the left or right, up or down on each brick.

Just kept going…

At this stage I ran out of container #1. I knew I needed much more but could tell I was going to like it!

I bought a 2nd small container of joint compound and went at it again. I just added more here and there covering more of the brick but never all of it.

Propped a few decor items up there. This did not feel finished and I was trying to determine what to do next.

Looking closely I realized what was off. The bricks didn’t need more spackle. The grout lines were dark and they were throwing it off. The other problem…..I was out of joint compound.

Bought my 3rd container realizing the larger tub was the path I should have taken. It seemed like a small surface area but you use more than you think you will!

Anyway I scooped some into a bowl and added water. I used a craft paint brush to “paint” compound in every single grout line.

Once my grout lines were painted it looked so much better BUT I wanted to soften the brick color slightly. I filled a solo cup with water and just brushed across the bricks top to bottom. This dragged a bit of wet diluted compound across the red portion of the brick.

And there you have it! All you need is joint compound, a putty knife and water.

I hope this was helpful if you are thinking about lightening up your bricks.

I can hardly wait to decorate this for Christmas – Kristen

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