DIY Basketweave Pillow Cover

I’m I love with this woven pillow for my living room. The color and texture are perfect for fall…which is just around the corner.

I’ve been swooning over this woven pillow case at Pottery Barn. I could never justify paying $100+ for a pillow case…could I make a similar pillow case for peanuts? Probably!

I recently wove a headboard for my son’s room and have left over faux leather fabric. I decided to try the same approach to create a pillow front. I cut 2” strips -10 for each direction about 25” long. My pillow case will be 20×20 but I gave extra length to work with then trim.

I taped one side of strips down to my cutting mat.

I wove the pieces together

I remeasured 20×20 then taped all 4 sides in place and trimmed off excess with my rotary blade.

I cut a 20×20 piece of fabric to act as a liner behind the woven strips.

I began to pin starting with the corners then stretched around the outside of both pieces.

Flipped it over and we have a basketweave front for the pillow/

I bought an invisible zipper at Joann’s for my pillow. This is it pinned on ….upside down. Lol.

I sewed the zipper sides first then continued around the pillow right sides together. This was a 20×20 square.

Popped a 22×22 inch premium pillow insert inside and it’s done🙌🙌

Love the woven texture and neutral color for the upcoming change of seasons.

Cheers- Kristen

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