DIY Brown Bag Snowflakes

These snowflakes are so easy to make and so stinking cute!

All you need are brown lunch bags, scissors and a glue gun.

Count out 7 lunch bags. Lay them with the bottom facing up.

Using the glue gun run a line of glue across the top and straight down the middle. You will have a T shape. Lay the next bag on top and repeat until you’ve glued all 7 together.

I glued a bunch of sets of 7 together- enough to make 6 snowflakes.

Next you cut all of the bags into a point.

Open the bags and prepare to be WOWed! Extend until the first and last bags touch. You can hot glue them together or use a paper clip on each side so you can collapse them to store.

I love these so much that I had my husband pick up 2 more packs of lunch bags. So festive, inexpensive and so EASY.

Will you make some this year ?

Happy holidays- Kristen

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