Range Hood Cover

One of the most exciting areas of the kitchen renovation was the range.

I kept our oven since it was less than a year old. We have a gas line capped and available when and if I want to move to a gas stove. We taped out the location and size for the hood.

We chose a stainless steel range hood with 4 fan speeds and 2 light options. I am migraine prone so I need smells extracted up and out of the house asap. He installed it and left supports overnight.

The fan would be far too industrial as is. Our contractor built a frame around it.

I slapped some white paint on the wood to see how I liked it white. Love it blending in with the wall more and decided to see if he would coat it in plaster.

This is the first coat of plaster. I preferred a rougher texture but it can be thinned to be smooth as well. I was able to add a gorgeous pot filler which is so convenient.

I mixed a thinner coat in small batches for the 2nd layer.

It dries off white.

I painted the hood a flat white the same as the ceiling.

Voila!!!! I toyed with wood trim and tried one or two. I’ve ruled it out….for now.

I love my plastered range hood cover 🖤. It adds an organic feel which the kitchen needed and I am happy we took a risk trying it.

Cheers~ Kristen

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