How To Grout Tile

We had a coffee bar created during our kitchen remodel. I chose this large Compass tile for the space. It’s a bit different but in neutral colors. The compass signifies finding your way home and that’s what house #11 is for us!!! Our forever home.

To save some money here and there during the reno I tackled small tasks that saved on labor costs. Grouting tile is something I can handle. I’m here to share the basics with you so you can feel comfortable with this task too.

I chose a medium gray grout that coordinated well with my tile by Mapei. My area was roughly 6’x6’ and the tiles are large so I knew this would be more than plenty of grout.

You will need a trowel to spread the grout over the tile, gloves, a grout sponge, paper towels, a bowl of clean water and something to protect the surface.

Apparently I threw away my grout sponge so I used kitchen sponges. They worked fine but I had to rinse more often as grout sponges are much larger.

I covered my butcher block with paper and removed the outlet covers. I gathered a bucket to mix in and a stir stick.

I knew I wouldn’t need the whole bag. The formula recommended for this brand is 4 parts powder to 1 part water if mixing in a small batch. I measured out each then poured water in my mixing bucket first. Add the powder slowly and mix well.

Your grout should be thick like a waffle batter.

Give it 3-5 minutes to sit and slake. That means it’s chemical reactions are taking place.

Using the trowel scoop a small amount of grout on the tip. Apply diagonally across the grout lines at a 45 degree angle pushing the grout into the space. Scrape excess off.

I set an alarm for 15 minutes. At that point grout would begin to harden and be harder to wash off the tile. You can stop and clean off tiles any time then continue.

Using your sponge wipe from the top down…over and over. Don’t wash the grout out of the spaces and don’t worry about a slight film on the tile.

Keep cleaning across the wall until you’ve made a good pass on it rinsing often. Go back over it all once more and you are good! Reinstall your outlet covers and clean up your mess. Since I used paper I just rolled it up and tossed it.

Special note- you don’t have to grout the sides where the tile meets the wall, ceiling and counter. These areas get hit with a caulk gun.

Not a difficult project…. Just messy.



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