Easy Outlet Update

A while back I shared an easy way to update discolored, mismatched or off white outlets on my Facebook page. I thought I’d write a short post about it because it’s AMAZING.

I ran into a quandary when I painted our walls white. It made the original outlets appear old and yellowed. I was planning to have an electrician replace all of them.

I tried just replacing the outer cover but that looked just as bad. I added up how many needed updated and discovered that I don’t need an electrician.

Simply unscrew the old cover.

Replace the cover with one white piece. Instant update without locating the fuse box, purchasing new outlets and covers or hiring an electrician.

MAGICAL. Here’s my affiliate link for the outlet covers https://amzn.to/3rd7bYT

I’m ordering covers for all our outlets upstairs 🙌🙌

Easiest home update you will ever do.

Cheers- Kristen

{as an amazon affiliate I may receive a few cents someday if you purchase from my link – the price is the same for you}

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