DIY Hallway Refresh

This was our hallway “before”. Lots of brown happening and just plain boring. Ignore the tile boxes on the floor please- that’s another project!

The “after” is much bolder and brighter!!! I painted the uppers in Tempe Star by SW, the lowers are a white semi gloss for extra scrubbing!

I was concerned the dark upper color would make the hall darker but I decided to go for it! Test your colors to see what you prefer.

Prepping to edge requires a cup with paint, 2” angled paint brush, drop cloth, step ladder

A few tips on edging with your brush…

Start at the top work your way down-use a wide band of paint. This way you won’t have to get as close to the edges with the roller and risk getting paint where you DON’T want it.

Leave nails in place if you are going to hang something right back up. Pull out nail, paint around them with the brush, replace. Don’t roll over nails or you get drips.

Using the brush paint along ceiling, door frames, molding and corners of the wall. Then roll!!!!!

Top half is done and with the lower walls a bright white it makes a crisp combo!.

I edged with white then just rolled right up to the premeasured line for my chair rail trim

The white paint made a huge difference in brightening the dim hallway but so did changing the light bulbs!

Measured the walls then went to Lowe’s and bought chair rail. I cut to size with my miter Saul and then use my Brad nailer and level to put them up. I failed to take any pictures during this process but here is the end result.

I also replaced the boob lights with these. I love the more modern look and ease to change light bulbs. This flush mount comes in 3 colors and I chose the lightest. My Amazon affiliate link for the light can be found at

Hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration for those long boring hallways!

Cheers- Kristen

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