DIY Locker Closet Doors

While working with a client on sport themed bedroom makeovers I came across an image of closet doors painted to look like lockers. I ran the idea by my client and her son loved the idea.

Here’s how to turn closet doors into lockers!!!

Your first step is to remove the closet doors. I used a small flat screw driver and hammered upward to knock out the pins. This worked for 4 of the 6 pins. 2 were not budging so I just unscrewed the hinge. Done!

Remove the door knob and tape off any hardware with painters tape. Lightly sand and give it a dusting of primer.

Choose a color- any color! Lockers come in all sorts of colors so have fun with them. I used the Emerald line from SW for the doors. A quart will be plenty.

This color took 3 coats to cover the white evenly.

Once they are painted and dry it’s time to add REAL locker hardware to make it feel authentic.

Let’s walk through the supply list …

Your lockers need numbers! These are adhesive numbers like you would use on a house. Easy- just peel and stick! You can find these in hardware stores. If you don’t feel like going out here’s my affiliate link for amazon

You’ll want to add hardware to hold the locks. These are called “hasps“ (I used lots of them on my chicken coop project) and you will want 4 if working with double doors like these.

Here’s my link if you want to order from home

Lockers need locks of course! If you have assorted locks around it would be fun for them to be mismatched.

This 4 pack was the least expensive option I could find and the perfect number for this project – my link for these is

Finding name tag holders for the lockers was a tricky. I couldn’t find them in a hardware store and bought these off Amazon They ended up cancelling the order so we did without.

To attach the hasps lay them out flat. Secure the square piece with the ring for locks first. Test that the part in the left will still close then screw in the 3 to secure it.

Add your lock. 2 of the locks will actually act as the door handle and 2 are “faux” to balance it out.

Lockers have vents at the top and bottom. Depending on the style of your closet door you can add “vents” using paint, sharpie or even electrical tape. I used a sharpie then painted them in with acrylic.

Stood them up to give them the stink eye. A little touch up paint and let them dry over night.

The locks replaced the door knobs so the closet is opened by pulling on the master lock. How fun is that?

These were a really fun project to work on and are even cooler in person. They will stand the test of time for many years to come.

Cheers- Kristen

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