I especially love refreshing and personalizing kids rooms. After chatting with a client and discussing what the boys wanted I generated ideas with options.

One of the boys loves basketball and we decided to give him a wall mounted mini hoop in his bedroom.

After an Amazon search I found this hoop which can be wall mounted or used over the door. My link for this exact hoop is https://amzn.to/3flvvmo.

Over the door usage *can* damage the wall behind it when it’s open if you are using it on the back of the door.

How do I know this? The over the door model is in my youngest room now and our wall is damaged from the hoop hitting the wall. Looks like he’s about to get a wall mounted too!

I wanted to make a rustic wood backboard mount for the hoop. I’m a wood hoarder and used scrap tongue and groove. I had some Gel Stain on hand in “Coffee” and decided to use that.

Rubbed the stain on with a rag then let it dry in open air. I love how it brought out the grain.

I used 3 flat brackets to secure the 2 pieces of wood together.

These OOK hanging kits are amazing. They use a French cleat – it’s 2 brackets that come with a level and are super sturdy. You could use a 12 “ or 15” hanging kit. Here’s my link for a 15” bracket https://amzn.to/3u6IfSh

I attached one of the hangers to the back of the wood backboard at the top.

Now that the 2 pieces of wood were secured and the hanging bracket was on I flipped it over. Voila!

4 screws attached the plastic backboard to my rustic wood backboard. The set came with 2 balls and a pump. I pumped them up and they are good to go.

MOM HACK- I purchased additional foam basketballs at the Dollar Tree for my youngest. They are SILENT.

Mounted the OOK hanging bar to the wall then placed the wood backboard bar over it. They fit together like a puzzle – and it’s perfect!

Cheers- Kristen

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