The easiest update for your stairs with the most bang for the buck is peel and stick wallpaper on the risers. It is wipeable and can bring as much pattern and/or color as you desire. It’s not very expensive and no permanent so if you want to change it up you can just pull it off!

I found these “wall tiles” at the Target dollar spot. $5.00 for a pack and each tile is 4”x4”. I can’t seem to find them online but they are consistently found on one of the bottom shelves in our Target- look for this package.

Originally I planned to place them around the fireplace but when I opened the pack I discovered that the background is CLEAR.

I decided to use them on my stair risers instead. The risers were already white so it was perfect. I placed the bottom row first then the tops. You can use scissors or an exacto knife to trim.

You can see the hexagon paper I used previously on the step above. It was more white than black and showing more scuffs than I like so I’ll pulled it off and switched to these. It’s that easy!

I ran out of “tiles”, ran to Target for more and kept applying the tile stickers to alternating risers until it was dark out.

I like the contrast of solid white breaking up the pattern. On the other hand I have enough stashed if I decided to do every riser.


So pretty and warm in the morning light. As you can see peel and stick is so easy to use. I encourage you to give it a try for a fun twist.

Cheers- Kristen

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