DIY Painted Furniture

The easiest way to update a table is paint!!! Whether it’s dated, has some water damage or just has seen better days paint is your savior.

I’ll share the steps below so you can tackle the project like a pro.

Exhibit A. This is a client’s table that I recently painted. The scale and shape was perfect for the room it just needed a little updating.

The first step is to scuff up the surface by sanding. You can sand by hand or use a palm sander which is a bit faster. The only rule is to sand WITH the grain of the wood.

Plugged in my sander for this project has it died. I sanded the whole table by hand – a good old fashioned arm workout.

Remove the sanding debris with a damp cloth.

Once sanded you will want to use a cleaner to prepare the surface for painting. Pour on a cloth and wipe down the surface. I like TSP or you can use alcohol – cheap but hard to find during Covid. Here is my Amazon affiliate link for TSP

Let it dry thoroughly while you prepare to prime.

I like Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer. That’s my personal preference – it’s a bit pricey but does a long way and acts an excellent primer.

When priming you want to brush or roll it on very thinly.

It’s just a dusting of primer to allow your paint to adhere to your project. For this project I’m using Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black in satin.

I applied paint evenly using a small roller then used a brush for the table base.

I let it dry really well overnight.

24 hours later I returned. Lightly sanded any drips or paint bubbles then apply the 2nd coat.

I added one coat of non yellowing polycrylic to the table for some extra protection as well.

If you are thinking about painting a table or piece of furniture I hope you will find these tips helpful – Kristen

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