Kids Bathroom Refresh

The kids bathroom was pretty dark and dreary in the PA house. Brown cabinets, brown floors and brown walls.

Besides all the brown it was windowless.

Another issue was that all of my shower curtains were too short. A little thing but it made me crazy.

First order of business was to repaint. I used a creamy white to brighten the space. I also swapped out the cabinet hardware.

I stained 1×2 pieces of pine board to add a subtle wall treatment. These were 6’ long that I cut to fit the wall. I bought 9 for under $20.

The horizontal wood pieces tied in the wood tones from the cabinets without feeling heavy.

After a little internet search I found that you can buy all sorts of shower curtain lengths and widths. This one is longer than stock shower curtains in stores.

Here is the curtain I chose from Wayfair. I like the geometric design and love a black and white color scheme.

Added a few of the kids hats and snagged some cute new Turkish hand towels. {Take note of this light fixture too….we are coming back to that.}

Aren’t these darling? I found a 4 pack on Amazon so I can use a set in the master bathroom as well. These come in many colors and can be found on Amazon. This is my affiliate link for the towels ….

Beside the paint color making it feel dark the heavily frosted light shades cast a yellow glow.

I replaced them with adjustable industrial bulb guards that were 4 for $18.99. Looks more modern, it’s much brighter and was less expensive than a new light fixture. My Amazon affiliate link for the bulb guards is ….

The final touch was this super cute tic tac toe toilet paper holder. A friend had it in her bathroom and when I saw it I knew we needed one. My affiliate link for the tp holder is …

And that’s a wrap.

The kids bathroom has fresh white walls, an updated light, new hand towels, a new long shower curtain and a fun toilet paper holder.

Hope this post gave you some simple ideas and inspiration to update your bathroom- Kristen

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