Board and Batten Bathroom

I recently updated our very boring half bathroom and am THRILLED with the outcome.

Ultimately I swapped out the mirror, added new cabinet hardware, painted the ceiling white + walls and added board and batten. Let’s back up and visit the process step by step.

The original wall color was a dark beige color and so was the ceiling. I felt like the sheet mirror was dated and decided to remove it.

When removing a sheet mirror it may help to add some tape in case it breaks. You never know if adhesive was used until you release the mirror clips. In this case I popped the top clips up and the mirror was home free.

Patched the holes with pink putty that turns white once dry. I had a circular mirror that I loved and wasn’t using. It was the perfect mirror for the space.

I painted the brown ceiling with Gliddens pink to white ceiling paint. The pink paint helps you see where you have already painted and where you missed.

I had some MDF scrap wood that a friend gave me. I wanted to use it in the bathroom and played around with spacing out the boards evenly.

The MDF is slightly thicker than my baseboard. I didn’t want to take them off so I started the project by adding a board horizontally across the baseboard. I decided how tall I wanted the vertical boards and used my level to mark where the woodwork would end.

I primed the wall up to my pencil like just to make it easier when painting it all white.

There was an existing towel bar that I removed prior to the board and batten. No need for it in there since it’s just a half bath. I marked the top of the wood work and primed below as well.

Again I began with the horizontal board. Each vertical plank is roughly every 9″ apart and secured with my brad nailer. To finish I added long piece across the wall horizontally then one more face down to create a shelf. I painted the wall and wood work all one color.

Edged along the ceiling, wood work etc with Stardew by SW using a 2″ angled brush.

Rolled the walls and love the bright new hue so much. A bonus to the board and batten is that I gained a ledge to decorate.

And that’s a wrap! This project was easy and done with left over materials so it was totally free.

If you like the look here’s my affiliate link for the sign Pee In The Bowl And Not On The Seat I reused an old frame from Target.

My large olive bucket makes an excellent vessel for toilet paper. Making the tp a focal point means no one has to get left hanging or has to ask for it. I bought mine at Fancy Flea in Plant City, FL. I found one the same size in a 3 pack- the largest size is the one used here. You can use my affiliate link to get 3 at a good price

Hope you found some inspo in this little bathroom refresh- Kristen

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