At this point the kitchen contents are thinned down to what you actually need and use. The contents have been sorted into themes and like items are stored together.

Now comes the fun part….SHOPPING AND STAGING. It’s time to add some baskets, bins, lazy susans and LABELS. Make your kitchen, pantry or storage areas pretty and functional.

Measure your shelving or cabinet space then go shopping. You can use clear storage containers or solid storage containers if you prefer not to see the contents.

For this project I’m using primarily seagrass baskets in assorted sizes and labels. This is only one of two carts! I found a motherload in Marshalls and bought almost all they had.

I placed previously sorted items into baskets and labeled them. I found these great baskets at Walmart.

Everything is easy to see and access. One can just pull a basket down, use the items needed and stow away.

Here’s the presorted pantry project. I moved like items into sections on the shelf.

Baskets to contain like items with temporary or long term labels make the new organization system easy to follow.

Here is another stash of baskets for a different pantry. The baskets here are from Marshall’s and Ross.

All “like” items now live together in a basket. As before the labels can be used short or long term.

Does this make you want to store and find pretty storage for every corner of your house?

Cheers- Kristen

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