Pantry Labels

I recently turned our hall coat closet into a walk in pantry. I used Ikea shelving to maximize the space. For more details on the converting the closet into a pantry click here

I used thrifted wicker baskets from Good Will and all around the house to contain boxes. Using similar styles makes it cohesive. Try mixing and matching a few wicker, a few fabric and/or glass bowls. Shop your house first to find items to use for containment before shopping.

Even though everything has its place not everyone knew what was there so I added LABELS. This is a case when you SHOULD label items. Labels are the finishing touch and where the magic happens!

I found these darling labels at Dollar Tree and used a chalk writer to label items. I tied some on and pinned some to the inside based on the material. AMAZING!!! You can pin, tie or use clothespins to attach your labels.

I was really excited about the price then I found 100 for $4.99 of the same tags on Amazon. Affiliate link

(I’ve since ordered many more for clients!)

It’s a zen moment everytime I open the pantry doors and it’s organized, functional AND beautiful. Labels are the final finishing touch!

I highly suggest adding labels once you have an organized system. Not only does it look good but it keeps everyone accountable.

Happy organizing-


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