DIY Painted Kitchen Island

Been in the new Pennsylvania house for 6 days. I can’t stand all the wood on wood tones so I’m tackling the island to break it up.

The first step is to clean and degrease the surface.

I like TSP on a rag- you can find it at any hardware store.

Remove any outlets and hardware. Then tape off along the floor and underside of the countertop.

I used Kilz for my primer.

I removed the drawers, doors and hardware. Use a sheer coat of primer.

For the island I used Valspar Cabinet and Furniture paint from Lowe’s. It goes on thin so you have to keep watching for drips. The bonus is that it doesn’t show brush marks and a brush really works best.

It ended up taking one coat of primer and 3 coats of paint. When I paint the rest of the kitchen cabinets I’m going to prime them 2 or even 3 times first!

Can’t wait to finish the WHOLE kitchen. It will be so much brighter.

If you are thinking about painting cabinets the island is a great place to start❤️

Happy painting~ Kristen

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