DIY Double Barn Doors

Decided to make a pair of sliding doors for the laundry room of our new home in Pennsylvania.

This is the door leading to the laundry area. As you can see here the door opens inward and takes away from usable space.

To calculate for your doors you need to know the height and width of the opening as well as the width of the wall for your track.

My door is 7’ plus you should add one inch to lift it off the floor. Each door would be 85 inches tall.

My door opening was 32 “ plus I added 3 per side to cover the frame when closed. My total door width was 38 divided in half per door. Each sliding door would be 19 inches wide.

Does that math make sense?!

I purchased six 1x4x8 pine boards and twelve 1x3x8 pine boards. I already had 1 1/4” brads for the nail gun.

I set up shop. Basically you need a miter saw, safety glasses, ear protection, pencil, square, and a tape measure.

I cut 4 of my 1x4x8’s down to 85 inches and laid them out. The total width per door is 19 inches. My top and bottom boards only needed to be 12 inches- I cut all 4 and put them in place. The better sides of the wood are face down- that’s the front.

Some chicken scratch here…the 1×4’s are actually 3.5”. Who knows why they don’t call them that!?? Anyway 3.5+12+3.5 = 19 inches wide.

I set the miter to a 45 degree angle for all the cuts.

I measured, cut and nailed each board in to the backside of the door.

Here’s a view from the back side of the door.

I was able to finish one door completely and sadly ran out of wood for the other. Here they are (flipped over) as they will appear in the house .

Picked up 6 more 1×3’s to finish the job!

Love the chevron detail!

Give everything a good standing.

Greatly debated stain or paint….

Chose to paint them Iron Ore by SW

You’ll want to paint an extra board to match. My track will be 6’ long so I cut and painted a 6’ board to mount it to just above the door frame. Link for hardware below.

Here they are just sitting on the floor in the Virginia house waiting for the moving truck!!!

I’ll update this in August once I get them hung🖤

The doors are up in the PA house and just perfect in this space 🖤. Here’s my affiliate link for the sliding door hardware

If you have space for sliding doors they add some architectural interest plus you gain the space behind the door. I make sure to add one to all of our houses!!!!


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