DIY Fabric Face Mask With Ties

Elastic is becoming hard to find anywhere on the Internet to make the ear loop fabric task mask/covers.

I made a modifications to the original Hobby Lobby facemask pattern that I used for my previous masks (see DIY Fabric Face Mask post).

I sewed the mask the same dimension and used the same steps (without elastic). This design has a pocket in the mask to add a filter as well.

Then I turned it right side out placing the side with an opening face down and pinch pleated the front of the mask securing with pins.

I used fabric strips to create bias tape ties. First cut fabric length wise in 2” strips.

Iron your fabric strips.

Fold the strip in half and press again.

Open the fabric. Using the center seam fold each side inward until they meet in the middle. Press.

Fold again and press one last time. You now have bias tape.

I used 2 pieces per mask that are 40” long each.

Back to this photo- you can see I placed the bias tape across the long sides. Attach both over the front and back of the mask and pin it.

I sewed the entire length of the bias tape tucking the end enter twice so it will not fray.

This takes more time to create the ties but it is more adjustable.

It can be tied to fit 2 places or tied all together in one bow which has works well for me if I have my hair up in a pony tail.

Stay safe- Kristen

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