DIY Fabric Face Masks

A DIY a never dreamed I’d be making …. fabric face masks.

I read and watched a few tutorials before choosing my pattern. I liked the Hobby Lobby version the best. It’s straight forward and easy to follow.

Video link is at

First I cut a bunch of fabric scraps into 15”x 8” rectangles. I have loads of left over fabric here (and loads of free time).

Fold it in half with the patterned side inside. Measure 3” from each end of the open side and mark. Sew and back stitch at the mark leaving an opening.

Turn the fabric so that the seam is now in the center facing up.

Cut 2 pieces of elastic 7” each. I used 1/4” braided elastic which I happened to have and ordered more.

Feed one end inside sew to secure. I sewed 3/4 across then fished the other end into the opening and pinned then sewed it.

This was the hardest part because if you tried pre-pinning both ends it pulled and puckered. The fishing technique worked best for me.

I measured the pleats on the first few then just started winging it. I sew around all 4 sides for a finished look.

The bonus to the Hobby Lobby version is that you can slide a paper towel or coffee filter inside for an extra layer. These can be worn over N95 or plastic masks for extra protection.

I experimented with stitching in a few inches of floral wire for the nose. Undecided how I feel about that or how that would fare in the wash after each use.***edit to add that I would omit wire***

I’m out of elastic, ordered more and looking for modifications. I’ll share what I find.

***edit to add that masks (without wire) can be microwaved to sterilize. I washed ours after a wear and they came out pretty wrinkled so I had to iron after. Microwaving would be easier all around.

Stay home and stay safe if you must be out- Kristen

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