Raised Garden Beds

For the first time in our lives we are starting our own garden.

We spent 20 years on the move with USMC so there was never time to put down roots like that. We retired out in Florida but our yard was tiny and shaded where I hoped to plant.

So…. forward to today and we have a nice sized yard in Virginia that is perfect for planting.

I chose to make raised garden beds for several reasons. I like the idea of confinement so things don’t grow out of control.

We have 3 dogs that might slow their roll at the sight of the raised beds {or might jump right in}.


1. Wood fence pickets (12) $1.98 each for pine or $3.12 each for cedar

2. 24” Landscape stakes (12 pack) $6.08

3. 1 1/4” interior/exterior wood screws (2 boxes) $2.48 each. We used 28 screws per box and lost a few in the grass

4. Miter saw

5. Power drill/screwdriver

6. Level


1. Cut off the dog ear edge of the pickets using a miter saw. Repeat 11 more times.

2. Find the middle of your board and cut 6 in half for your sides. Halfway was 36”

3. Trim 10 landscape stakes into 11” pieces. You should be able to get 2 per stake. You will use 10 per garden bed.

4. Lay out your pieces- 2 full length pieces per side and 2 half boards for each end. Grab a helper for assembly.

5. Use 4 landscape stakes per long side to secure the boards together. 2 at the very ends and 2 evenly spaces between. It’s best to screw from the picket side into the stake.

6. Secure the end pieces together with one stake in the center.

Originally I thought we would use a sledge hammer to pound the stakes into the garden. Declared that as unnecessary so I actually took them apart, cut down the stakes (now step 3) and reassembled.

7. Assemble into a box and screw the ends and sides together.

8. Lay in the desired location. Add soil and use a level to make sure the box is even. I used some bricks on the outer edge to create a border then filled it with soil.

12 picket fence boards yield 2 raised garden beds that are about 3’ x 5’. Not bad for $34.80!

Still undecided if I will fill the boxes to the top. I used 6 bags in these so far with 2 remaining. I may order more.

We have space to build 2-4 more beds if needed. I ordered a bunch of seeds from Burpee.com. Once they arrive I’ll assess how many are needed.

Happy gardening-


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