DIY Bird Nest

How cute is this little nest made with a few simple supplies?

This project is easy enough for the kids to help and learn some weaving skills.


1 Wood slice , 10 nails, hammer, scissors, twigs

At Christmas I ordered a bunch of these wood slices to make photo ornaments. I have a few hanging around especially the misshapen ones which make PERFECT little bird nests.

(This Is my affiliate link for 3.5-4″ slices from amazon)

I hammered nails around the outside edge of the wood slice. Taller the nails the taller your “nest”. Adults can handle this step but the kids can do the rest.

I clipped a few branches from the garden using scissors. Fresh green branches will bend easily and then dry out in the nest shape.

Weave your branches around the slice alternating nails inside and outside. Keep going and add branches until you reach the top of the nails.

You could add a little Spanish moss, shredded paper or cotton inside and an Easter egg to finish it off!

There you have it- a darling little birds nest.

Happy nesting-


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