Painting Using Wine Corks

Just gave my little powder room a spruce up and wanted to share my FREE idea to get this look.

I added these polka dots to the lower wall by dipping a wine cork into paint then dabbing it on the wall.

I was all set to purchase this wall paper for the lower wall and then as I was opening a bottle of wine …I starting thinking. Maybe, just maybe, the cork could be used like a stamp to achieve a similar look.

Measured and drew a level line for the chair rail. It would be installed level with the sink. That wall to the left had an animal print on it so I painted over that too.

Poured some left over latex paint on a plate and gathered a few corks to see which I liked best.

Here’s a time lapse video of the process.

This is the effect – color and shape varies a which makes it all the more interesting!

Used my miter saw to cut the chair rail for the room. You want to cut your corner pieces at a 45 degree angle. I practiced on a piece of scrap wood to make sure the angle was right first.

It’s a pretty small space. I only had to add chair rail to 3 walls. I opted not to attempt dots behind the toilet. I figured that would be hard and I don’t think it’s missed back there. If it bugs me I can always go back and do it.

And that’s it!!!! All you need is a cork, paint, paper plates and time.

Kinda makes me want to uncork a bottle and find another spot to dot!

Cheers y’all-


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