DIY Skateboard Heart

When you have 2 daredevil skateboarding sons you have broken boards. For some reason I saved these decks….and I’m glad I did!

I decided to craft together 2 trashed decks into an upcycled heart.

Want to make one?

First step- use pliers and a philips screwdriver to remove the trucks.

I used my saw to cut off the splintered edge for a smooth finish and lightly sanded.

The half boards are different shapes and styles but I like perfectly imperfect. Found a few wood screws in the wood shop and secured the boards together to create a heart shape.

The heart is nestled in some wine barrel bands in the mudroom. The kids tend to slam the door coming in and out so I may need to find a way to officially hang it.

This perfect heart embodies life and love with BOYS!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day ~ Kristen

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