Been wanting to make a blanket ladder to hang our bounty of blankets for soooo long. Decided it’s high time to go vertical vs having them all over the couches and in baskets.


2- 2x4x8 boards

1-2x3x8 board

3” wood screws (16)

Drill/drill bits

Saw {or ask the guys at Lowe’s to cut for you }

Head to Lowe’s. I bought 2 boards 2x4x8 boards for the tall sides of each ladder.

TIP- Hold your boards out in front to make sure they are straight.

Next I chose a single 2x3x8 board for each ladder to cut for my cross pieces. Can you believe the entire pallet was stored sky high and they had to get the fork light for me to get 2 boards!?? Awkward!!

I decided to buy double in case I want to make one later for the other living area or basement. Stocked and up and ready to go.

Took my 2×3 down to the wood shop. I cut 5 pieces 18” each. Inhaled deep because this girl loves the smell of sawdust!!!

Give the edges to the cut boards a quick sand.

Laid it all out on the living room floor to determine spacing. I chose to start at the top and came down every 14” and marked the sides.

Sat down with a fresh battery in the drill while I charged my battery with some stiff coffee! I turned the 2×4 sideways and pre-drilled all the way through the board – 2 holes per soon to be ladder rung.

I chose to angle my boards my measuring 14” and then 13.5 on the other side and drawing a line. This was kind of a pain and not necessary. This is to show the prescribed holes on my pencil lines.

My husband helped hold board for me as assembling was awkward for one.


1. I drilled the 2 screws through the outside of the 2×4 far enough for it to pop out the inside.

2. I pressed my ladder ring into the nails to make an impression where I wanted it then predrilled my holes into the 2×3 rung.

3. I attached the rung to one side of the 2×4. Continue this process until all 5 rungs are attached to one of the ladder sides.

4. Align the opposite 2×4 side of the ladder and run screws from the outside in enough for them to poke through.

5. Press your rung into the nails to score it, then predrill and attach. **We stood it up and completed this step while vertical using a level on each rung as I screwed it together.

Now you can stain or paint your ladder if you want. I need some instant gratification and want to use it NOW so I’m leaving the wood natural.

Have fun styling it with your favorite blankets!

I added some lights and am not sure if they will stay or go. Love the idea of something here….Pom Pom garlands, a snow flake garland, hearts – think how cute it will be for the holidays!!!!

My husband is concerned about our boys yanking a blanket off and it falling. We also have 2 crazy Great Danes who could grab a blanket and try to run with it. Anything could happen at this house…just sayin’. I may add a hook and eye at the top to anchor it.

If you’ve seen these for hundreds of dollars you will be excited to know that it cost a total of $13.36.

What are you waiting for???? Go make one for yourself!!!!

Happy building- Kristen

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