DIY Sweater Pillow

After a friend’s puppy ate a hole in her favorite winter sweater she asked me to make a pillow out of it.

Whether you have an old sweater or thrift one here are the steps to turn it into a pillow.

Use a template or ruler to measure out a square. Due to the placement of the hole and design I went with 15×15.

Cut 2 pieces. The design on the front and back won’t be identical in this case but it doesn’t matter.

Since my sweater material is 15×15 “ I will use a 14×14 pillow insert.

Face the patterned sides in facing each other. Make sure (if you have a pattern) that both sides are aligned in the same direction then designate the bottom of your pillow.

Pin about 2” in on the left and right then leave the middle open to insert your pillow.

Pin all the way around the other 3 sides.

This is my soon to be pillow from the back. Pinned on 3 sides, open in the middle of the bottom edge.

You can hand sew or use your machine to sew 1/2” in from the edges. I used my walking foot because the sweater is thick wool. I set the machine on a zig zag stitch good for stretchy material .

Once sewn turn the new sweater pillow case right side out.

Insert pillow form.

Fold the open edge in 1/2” on each side and pin the 2 together closing the edge. Hand stitch using a ladder stitch until closed.

All done!!!

I love hers so much I may need to go thrifting to see if I can find any sweaters that would make a cozy pillow. Just perfect to snuggle up with for the winter, right?

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